Some of the Most Notable Names and Places Have Called Upon Us to Install Quality Saunas That Deliver Performance Meeting Expectations in All Sizes to Meet Their Specific Needs 

This is why we have been trusted to deliver the same Quality, Performance, and Expectations to all others albeit a different size at lower cost. 

Southeast Michigan Spas and Saunas - Portable Spas Plus Saunas Inc. - sub-content         In our years, we have found no better reward than meeting the many good people that have blessed us and supported us with their business. we are proud of  our award-winning customer CARE program.

                  Customers Are Really Everything

As a family, we strive to provide quality goods and materials designed to meet your particular needs for your specific space in the most relaxed atmosphere of your home designed for comfort that will enhance your Life, Health, and Therapeutic Comfort. 

Our objective is to soothe your Body, your Mind and your Spirit, through heat therapy designed to extract toxins from your blood, alleviate stress, tension, aches, and chronic pain that enhances our lives and promoting family communications and values.

With more than 38 years in the sauna business, we have been blessed by the many customers we have made happy and healthier. We have been blessed with success through our dedication and commitment to both quality goods and our commitment to customer satisfaction. These qualities have been the keystones of our business structure and represent the major building blocks that support our enthusiasm to please and deliver satisfaction to you, the end user. 

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Your Most Valuable Asset is a Healthy Body!