Experience the Incredible Healing Powers and Relaxation of a "True Finnish Sauna" in Your Own Home or Business where you get undressed every day that delivers Quality, Performance and Expectations

Finnish Sauna Sales & Installation Southeast Michigan - saunaPortable Spas plus Saunas is Proud to be the leading provider of the top brand of Finnish Style Saunas using aromatherapy here in Michigan & Metro Detroit.  If you have a specific interest, we will find the Specific Solution for you.

 The Finlandia Sauna Product We Deliver and install at your home, can also be found at the base camp of Mount Kilimanjaro to the coldest extremes of Antartica.  

As an authorized provider of one of the oldest sauna manufacturers in the United States, we deliver a product to you with unmatched quality in the industry with a focus on authenticity. They are designed to recreate the centuries old experience of a "True Finnish Sauna". Finland with a population of 5 million, with 3 million Saunas in operation and is considered to be the birthplace of saunas and considers sauna bathing to be an essential part of a long and healthy lifestyle pioneering the concept centuries ago to what it is today.  The concept is often imitated, but never duplicated.

Sauna bathing cleanses the body from the inside-out promoting better health and wellness by opening the pores creating a pathway for the body to expel toxins and impurities through perspiration, giving your body and blood the deepest cleansing possible from the inside-out. Some benefits include relaxing tired muscles, while the ladies notice the cleansing of the of the skin and complexion while improving cardio and respiratory circulation and even burning calories! Learn more about the health benefits of saunas.

We Are Proud to Have Provided so Many of the Top Names in Sports, Health, Entertainment, Architects and Builders Who Have Relied Upon Us to Deliver Quality, Performance and Expectations that We Duplicate in Your Humble Abode Where You Get Undressed Every Day, albeit a Different Size, 

With more than thirty-eight years of experience, our accomplishments speak for themselves. Our accomplishments include installing Finlandia Saunas in these well-known facilities, The Detroit MGM Grand Casino and Spa,   Comerica Park The Detroit Tigers, The Joe Louis Arena and Little Caesars Arena for The Red Wings, at the Palace and Little Caesars Arena for The Pistons, The Wm, Beaumont Health and Wellness Center - Rochester, The Training Room at the Troy Sports Center,  Domino's Farms - Ann Arbor, multiple Gold’s Gyms, Powerhouse Gyms, The Orchard Lake Country Club, and the List goes on to include a long list of Notable Quality Home Builders.  Imagine what we can do for you, there is no cost for you to learn more getting answers to your questions.  "Curiosity Killed the Cat, but Satisfaction brought it back".

Finnish Sauna Sales & Installation Southeast Michigan - Outdoor_7Don’t Be Fooled by Imitators – Enjoy a True Finnish Sauna.

Finnish saunas are often imitated, but never duplicated in the experience. The word Sauna is pronounced (sow-nah) and is a Finnish word defined in the Dictionary as "A Finnish Bath in Which You Ladle Water onto Rocks".  The word is commonly used in marketing to describe similar products imitating the heat source experience by emitting Far Infrared Electro-Magnetic-Radiation (EMR) via carbon and ceramic heating elements, but without the water. "A True Sauna" uses water on heated stones producing steam and humidity that is drawn into the respiratory system, which is a significant and more beneficial experience. Step into a "true sauna" and you will immediately understand the difference. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain by investing in what has been recognized by so many others as the best choice available. It becomes an investment in your Health that you will enjoy for many years into the future.

Our commitment to quality, coupled with more than thirty-eight years' experience providing expert consulting and installation services throughout Southeast Michigan and Metro Detroit, Portable Spas plus Saunas has built a reputation for being a leader in the sauna industry.  

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