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Sauna Use & Implications for Aging and the Brain

Presented by Dr. Rhonda Patrick PHD

Sauna Use for Heart, Health, and Life Span

Presented by Dr. Rhonda Patrick PHD, (YouTube)

Premiered Sep 10, 2019, at the Heart Summit 2019 in Little Rock.  How sauna use has emerged to increase lifespan and improve overall health, based upon compelling scientific data from observational, interventional, and mechanistic studies.


Sauna Benefits-Optimal Use – What Happens in the Sauna

Presented by Dr. Rhonda Patrick PHD (YouTube)

Premiered Apr 10, 2022, Sauna questions answered Infrared vs traditional saunas? Can sauna bathing lower the risk of dementia, heart disease, stroke, depression, and all-cause mortality? How exactly should we use saunas for optimal benefit (duration, frequency, temperature, etc.)?


How to increase Athletic Endurance and Muscle Mass

Presented by Dr. Rhonda Patrick PHD (YouTube)

Dr. Rhonda Patrick discusses how conditioning the body to heat stress through sauna use, called "hyperthermic conditioning" causes adaptations that increase athletic endurance (by increasing plasma volume and blood flow to heart and muscles) and muscle mass (by boosting levels of heat shock proteins and growth hormone). She also discusses the profound effects of hyperthermic conditioning on the brain including cognitive function.